Coordinating spontaneous social activities with our friends always ends up being harder than it should be. Some reasons that I can think of:

– Planning within a group of diverse interests is a lot of work.
– People can get self-conscious turning down ‘invites’ regularly.
– Real status updates on Facebook barely reach our friends.

I had imagined this app idea, where we just broadcast our ‘mood’ to a close group of friends. Anyone interested just simply joins in.

I’ve been motivated by the idea of channelling my recent experience working for banks into a personal project. I wasn’t sure where to start. I had a lot of themes and buzzwords floating in my mind, so I jotted them down as a mindmap to give my thoughts some structure.

I wanted to reboot the 80’s video game Battle City. A very simple gameplay but one that gave me countless hours of playtime in my 90’s youth. My twist to this classic game was to introduce 3D movement (with ramps & bridges) and a dynamic camera.

Smartwatches don’t have to follow square or circular profiles to feel stylish and futuristic. I imagined this alternative shape.