Smartwatches don’t have to follow square or circular profiles to feel stylish and futuristic. I am exploring an alternative form factor.

I wanted to reboot the 80’s video game Battle City. Extremely simple gameplay but one that gave me countless hours of playtime in my 90’s youth. My twist to this classic was to introduce 3D movement (with ramps & bridges) and a dynamic camera. Here’s a screenshot from the original game:

Coordinating spontaneous social activities with our friends always ends up being harder than it should be. Some reasons that I can think of:

– Planning within a group of diverse interests is a lot of work.
– People can get self-conscious turning down ‘invites’ regularly.
– Real status updates on Facebook barely reach our friends.

I had imagined this app idea, where we just broadcast our ‘mood’ to a close group of friends. Anyone interested just simply joins in.

Writers often say: ‘Kill your darlings’ – suggesting that we move past dwelling on our initial ideas. Rapid thumbnail sketches are a good way to break this barrier.

I had imagined this shape a few months back and it’s been stuck in my head since. I thought it would be the perfect project for my first attempt at 3D printing. Please that the library had a silver/grey filament.